Meet the team

Angela Steuns


Born and raised in Sittard (NL), I have always been fascinated by fashion, art, and design. Following my studies in fashion and art, I embarked on a career as an art teacher and developer of art projects.

In 2010, I opened the boutique FEE, a platform for designers and a store for fashion, art, and home decor. It was an exhilarating leap into entrepreneurship, allowing me to merge my passion for art and design with commercial creativity. In 2018, I began working as a stylist and process facilitator for photoshoots and campaigns. This provided me with the opportunity to assist others in discovering their inner and outer beauty.

In 2021, my husband and I realized our dream by emigrating and opening our vacation retreat Located on a beautiful estate in South France, we offer 4 boutique lofts that exude tranquility and privacy. We look forward to welcoming you here during La Suite Atelier.

Nadine van Mierlo


Together with my husband and 2 children, I live and work in Sittard (NL). My passion for photography emerged after years in the fashion industry. After completing several courses, I founded my own company, Nadine van Mierlo Fotografie, in 2015.

Photography allows me to capture people as they truly are, pure and beautiful.

Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of photographing a wide range of subjects; weddings, families, and corporate clients, including restaurants and festivals. Currently, my focus is primarily on weddings, which I thoroughly enjoy, along with creative projects in my studio. Feel free to explore my work on my website.

I am greatly looking forward to meeting you during La Suite Atelier, inspiring and motivating each other.

Jalisa Oudenare


Dynamic and driven, I am a photographer and filmmaker based in the Netherlands, dedicated to capturing life's most precious moments. My journey in the visual arts began with studies in photography in Belgium, where I collaborated with my mother in our family photo studio. Seeking to expand my skills, I pursued a rigorous education in photographic design at the Fotovakschool.

In Amsterdam, I furthered my creative vision by studying styling at Akademie Vogue, and honed my craft through an internship with the renowned photographer Erwin Olaf. After graduating, I did a major in fashion photography in New York, immersing myself in the vibrant energy of the industry.

Throughout my career, I have cultivated a diverse portfolio, working as a video editor at Condé Nast's Glamour magazine and collaborating with various magazines and brands as a freelance photographer. Now, as the owner of my own company, I take pride in creating lasting memories for my clients, bringing joy and happiness through my artistry and dedication.





My whole life I’ve been fascinated by the art of fashion, pictures and beauty. Why I never worked in this industry, is a question I have asked myself many times. 

I have my own practice Helder in Balans where I work as an orthomoleculair therapist. My mission is to make the world a little bit more healty, happy and beautifull. In my opinion woman should support each other and themselves to pursuit there hapiness and live their most beautifull live. Therefore I’ve organised an exclusieve styled shoot “See, Feel, Real” for women to be seen as the beautifull woman they are. I loved every minute from organising, creating, connecting, empowering and hosting this event. And off course I loved the pictures and seeing all the ladies shine. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to model myself for some projects and that’s when I realised that fashion, shoots, organising and making things more beautifull are a big part of my own pursuit of happiness. I was asked tot join La Suite Atelier because of my enthusiasm and fast and creative thinking. I’m very exited to work in a team with such professional, artistic and talented people and to create magic together and make your world a bit more beautifull!